Jubilant opening of DND Hai Duong International Eye Hospital – Lots of attractive gifts

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Inheriting the outstanding advantages of the DND International Eye Hospital system, DND Hai Duong is a high-tech specialized eye hospital, meeting the needs of thousands of examination and treatment visits each year. into services such as: General and in-depth eye exams; Phaco surgery to treat cataracts; Surgery to treat refractive errors with laser technology is safe and effective; Surgery of Dreams, Encroachments, Eyelids, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Eye – Face; Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of fundus diseases with the leading modern equipment system in the region; Examination and issuance of prescription glasses; Center for prescription glasses – fashion glasses…

DND Hai Duong gathers a team of experts and doctors with more than 30 years of experience in the field of ophthalmology, with high qualifications, good skills, dedication and professionalism. In addition, always at the forefront of updating technological advances related to medical examination and treatment, the team of doctors at the hospital regularly participates in training courses, exchange experiences, consult with doctors. leading experts at home and abroad, cooperate in technology transfer, exchange expertise with experts from the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Korea…

❗With the mission of “Creating the eyes of the community”, on the occasion of coming into operation, DND Hai Duong International Eye Hospital will implement many attractive incentive programs:
?Support 100% of examination & surgery costs for “VIETNAM MOTHER HEROES, HEROES OF LABOR, HEROES OF THE Armed Forces”

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📌BỆNH VIỆN MẮT QUỐC TẾ DND – HẢI DƯƠNG International Eye Hospital
📞 Hotline: 0899.034.034
🏨 Địa chỉ: Số 250 Trường Chinh, P. Tân Bình, TP. Hải Dương.
🌐 http://haiduong.matquocte.vn
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